Saturday, 8 September 2012

Book Review: The Sword of Bedwyr, by RA Salvatore

Title: The Sword of Bedwyr
Author: RA Salvatore
Series: The Crimson Shadow, #1
Genre: Adult high fantasy
Published: 1994
For 20 years Eriador has suffered under the evil power of the Wizard King Greensparrow. Luthien Bedwyr is too young and privileged to truly understand the situation—until the night a close friend is murdered by the king’s thugs. In anger, Luthien flees home, teaming up with Oliver deBurrows and the wizard Brind’Amour in a rebellion against the overlords.
This series didn’t start terribly great, I hope the other two books improve upon this one.

The Sword of Bedwyr tells the story of Luthien Bedwyr, son of the eorl of Bedwydrin, in the land of Eriador. When a friend of his is killed right in front of him, Luthien swears to avenge him and leaves Bedwydrin. Shortly after starting his journey, he meets the halfling Oliver deBurrows, who joins Bedwyr in his travelling.

This book’s story was good, but it was a tiny bit too slow for my taste. The first half of the book didn’t keep me very interested, actually, but I kept reading just because. The story became interesting only after they met the wizard Brind’Amour, which is right around the middle of the book.

The characters were okay. Luthien was a bit 2-dimensional. There wasn’t barely any depth to his character. He wanted vengeance, but that was it. Oliver, how can I start to describe him? I’ll start by saying that I hate him. He was so annoying during the whole freaking book!

I liked the ending. It sets up quite nicely for the sequel, titled Luthien’s Gamble. Summarising, The Sword of Bedwyr is a slow, good-but-not-great high fantasy novel with a 2-dimensional protagonist and an annoying deuteragonist. Wow, said like that, it sounds like a really awful book.

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